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EIC Road Side Assistance – Table of Benefits

  • Gulfdrug
  • December 11, 2019
  • Gulf Drug Group Motor vehicle Insurance Scheme - Emirates Insurance Company PSC_000 - Copy


    As a part of the Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme by Emirates Insurance Company they have selected IMC (International Motoring Club) as Road Side Assistance Vendor for both Comprehensive and TPL Policies.


    Please refer to the above table of benefits under the Road Side Assistance program including – CAR registration Service, Discounted International Driving License, Battery Boosting Service, Fuel Delivery Service, Lock out Service etc in addition to the normal road side assistance services.


    This is applicable to vehicles weighing up to 3 Tonnes.

    IMC Table of Benefits_0001

    IMC Table of Benefits_0002

    IMC Table of Benefits_0003

    For clear and complete details, please click the attached link.


    IMC Table of Benefits

    Gulf Drug Group Motor Vehicle Insurance Scheme – Emirates Insurance Company PSC