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Guidelines On How To Get COVID-19 Test

  • Gulfdrug
  • March 10, 2020
  • COVID-19 Testing
    Getting The COVID-19 Test


    If you believe that you have been in contact or exposed to a COVID-19 person, immediately visit the health center provided below and GET TESTED.


    Testing is mandatory to anyone who has been exposed to a COVID-19 person. It is our responsibility to prevent and protect everyone around us from getting infected.


    You do not need to pay in getting tested. The test is FREE.


    Below are the DHA Clinics and location you can visit for COVID-19 Testing:


    Testing timings: 8:00AM to 1:30PM


    Abu Dhabi: 8001717


    Dubai DHA Helpline: 800342


    Al Barsha Health Centre:


    Nadd Al Hammar Health Center,55.378891


    Please follow the instructions below when visiting these clinics:


    Wear a mask and use the EMERGENCY Entrance


    Give them your UAE ID


    Tell then you have been in contact with a COVID-19 person.


    What To Expect During The Test


    After submitting your UAE ID you will be taken to a “Designated Waiting Room” away from hospital patients and staff.


    They will do initial assessment (blood pressure, temperature)


    If you have been in direct contact with COVID-19 person, please tell them so.


    Write your details (Name, phone number, last country visited etc) on the form they give you.


    Next is the swab test.


    The test is a swab test. Samples are taken from the back of your throat and nasal cavity. The swabs are basically two very long cotton buds/Q tips. The nasal swab is a bit uncomfortable, but the throat one not so much.


    Getting Your Result


    You will receive a call from DHA with your result within 24-48 hours.


     If your test is POSITIVE you will receive a call within 6 hours.