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  • Rehabilitation and homecare centre opens in Jumeriah

    Dubai: Emirates Healthcare company, a leading global health care provider and a member of the Abu Dhabi-based investment group, KBBO, has announced the inauguration of Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare (ERHC) in Jumeirah.


    The new facility, established as part of Emirates Healthcare company’s expansion plans and continued efforts to reach more communities, was inaugurated by Michael Davis, chief operating officer of NMC Healthcare; Clancey Po, director of Corporate Operations Strategy at NMC Healthcare; Dr Georges Feghali, chief operating officer of Emirates Healthcare company; and Fernando Parker, director of Operations Dubai at NMC ProVita, in Jumeirah on Monday. Owned by Emirates Healthcare company and managed by NMC Healthcare, ERHC serves over 100 patients from the UAE providing post-acute rehabilitative services, ventilated patient care and home nursing.


    Davis said, “The ERHC’s holistic approach to recovery focuses on a multidisciplinary team of accredited and specialised physicians, therapists and nurses that work together to improve the length and quality of life for patients, their families and communities.


    “We are delighted to open our new branch in Jumeirah, a community that means a lot to the residents of Dubai. This new facility is set up to ensure the highest standards of rehab and homecare practices. I want to thank the entire management for their vision and commitment, and for bringing world-class facilities, such as this.”


    Dr Feghali said, “We are delighted to open this new facility for the people in Dubai and the UAE in general. We take pride in offering the best services in all sectors, especially health care, and our newest branch is a response to the growing demand for our unique services. “We strive to provide a seamless health service, responding to all complex needs with the help of our highly qualified doctors, nurses and staff members. We have created a safe, homelike environment that assures complete and speedy recovery by providing a warm, caring atmosphere for patients and residents. Providing international standards in health care and safety is our hallmark.”


    The ERHC offers a continuum of care, that bridges the gap between hospital and home with specialised, non-invasive rehabilitation services via programmes for home care, inpatient care, outpatient care, post-active rehabilitation, transition care (hospital to home) and residential long-term care.


    Services also include medical consultations, nursing care, nutrition services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, as well as speech and language therapy. Assistance with geriatric, neurological, orthopaedic, paediatric conditions is also offered.


    Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/
  • Colorectal cancer incidence very high in UAE

    Hospital offers free colorectal cancer screening


    Dubai: According to a 2014 study 30 per cent of all cancers diagnosed in the UAE are colorectal cancers which can be detected in the pre-cancerous stage with simple preventive screening of stool and blood. It is the second most recorded cancer in the UAE and second highest cause of mortality due to cancer in the UAE.


    A simple preventive screening at the age of 40 can prevent any benign polyps in the colon from getting cancerous. Keeping this in mind the Zulekha health care group is encouraging UAE residents to come out in huge numbers for its walk-in free colorectal screening tests for the next one and a half months.


    Screen and Survive


    The group launched the third edition of its ‘Screen and Survive’ campaign in the presence of Rashid Al Leem, Chairman of Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority. The campaign offers free screenings for both residents and visitors from March 12 — April 30, 2018. The campaign aims to support the UAE’s national target of decreasing cancer fatalities by 18 per cent by 2021.


    The initiative has successfully screened 745 participants so far at Zulekha Hospital Sharjah and 570 at Zulekha Hospital Dubai since it started in 2016, detecting 10 positive results in Zulekha Hospital Sharjah and six in Dubai.


    A group of doctors led by Dr Robert Warren, Professor of Surgery and chief of Surgical Oncology, Dr Adil Daud Professor of Oncology, both from the University of California, nutritionist Dr Nafisa Ahmad, Gyanecologist Dr Humeira Raees among others discussed various aspects of colorectal cancer and agreed that preventive screening and early action was the key to containing the high incidence of colorectal cancer.


    Role of pre and probiotics


    Nutritionist Dr Ahmad said it was possible to prevent colorectal cancer by keeping gut flora health.


    She said: “Colorectcal cancer occurs in the colon or rectum and could be triggered by a genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, consumption of processed meats, packaged food products with trans fats, high sugar diets and complete absence of health fibres from fruits and vegetables in daily diet.”


    She advised residents to include a healthy dose of prebiotics such as bananas, cabbage, asparagus and have them in combination with probiotics such as live bacteria yoghurt, fermented foods such as Khimchi, Khombucha, miso, kefir and sauerkraut.


    “The synergistic effect of pre and pro-biotic can not only help the growth and healthy gut flora but also neutralise all pre-cancerous pathogens.


    Dr Raees said although the incidence of colorectal cancers was slightly higher in men, women usually were shy to bring their symptoms to the notice of doctors and she encouraged women to consult doctors if they detected any unusual bleeding, change in stool constitution or pain in the rectal area.


    The doctors agreed that awareness and screening were the best weapons to combat the growth of this cancer and encouraged residents to come forward to undergo screenings.


    How to avail the free screening


    Both residents and visitors can register for the ‘Screen and Survive’ campaign by calling 600524442 or log on to crc.zulekhahospital.com to avail free fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The hospital will offers 50 per cent discount on CT Virtual Colonoscopy, 25 per cent discounts on Lab and Radiology services and a General Surgeon or Gastroenterologist consultation during this period.


    Under the Basmah Initiative promoted by the Dubai Health Authority all Dubai residents with basic health care insurance are covered under the insurance for diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer
    Source: http://gulfnews.com/news/uae/