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Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance coverage of Gulf Drug and subsidiaries 


**MediCal Insurance Updates Regarding COVID-19 Situation**


DHA Circular January 2021


It has been advised that elective surgeries to be put on hold until 19 February 2021, due to the current COVID-19 situation.


Attached herewith the general information for your kind reference.


GC1-2021_Elective Surgeries for insured patients


The group medical insurance plan is renewed on the same day of expiration October 31, 2020 under Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company and TPA NAS.


The benefit and network can be accessed on the link below and on “My Nas App”.


In line with the subject matter, we are pleased to provide you with all the guiding information with respect to your category. Below are the most updated  network coverage where you can access your medical insurance benefits.


Your medical insurance is linked with your Emirates ID. We recommend you to download the mobile app below where you can see your category, network and benefits.


Below are key facilities on My NAS. Members can sign up with their EID number.


  1. Cards– refer to the Virtual card copy of self and dependents. These copies are as good as hard copies and all network provider accept these soft copies. Moreover the enrolled members’ EID is already tagged with their Insurance card so they can present their EID.
  1. Health Hub– refer to 90% of healthcare providers in the market (Both within and outside network), refer to Dr’s profile, book an appointment. All providers and doctors within network will have a green tick mark while outside network will have red tick mark. Members can also book appointment through health hub directly.
  1. My Policy– Download network list, Table of benefits and claim form.
  1. Reimburse claims– Submit reimbursement claims.








Cat C



Cat D


Cat E


GDTS Location


IBN HAYAN Visa Holders (Abu Dhabi)


SEHA Facilities


For better access to your benefits, you can download NAS mobile application and explore your options.



This application is designed for your convenience as it guides you to the nearest healthcare provider in your area and provides information concerning inclusion and exclusion of the coverage as per your category.


Attached herewith is the User’s guide and reimbursement form:





Medical claims need to be submitted in softcopies on your member portal/member app “ MY NAS”.


Attached the required documents mentioned below and submit claims for reimbursement.




-Completed Claims Form (signed by both member & doctor with stamp)
-Original Bills / Invoices with Itemized breakdown of services provided
-Physicians Prescriptions and Referrals
-Investigation Results
-Medical Reports (if any)
-Discharge Summary (if any)


Inpatient treatment : In case the member is in need of any inpatient treatment, ADNIC can arrange for a direct billing at the hospitals within the network. Should you require additional support on the approvals. Please feel free to get in touch with below:


24/7 NAS Claims Center  / Toll Free: 800 654 42


-Claim settlement happens within 10 working days via bank settlement, as per the terms & conditions of the policy.
-Claims submission timeline is 120 days within and  outside UAE for the eligible members.


  • Sanctions Clause will apply:  Please note that Insurers would not pay claims incurred in sanction countries. We suggest you to seek insurers prior approval before travelling to sanction country for business trip



Afghanistan Lebanon South Sudan
Belarus Libya Sudan
Burma/Myanmar Mali Syria
Burundi Nicaragua Tunisia
Central African Republic North Korea Ukraine (Crimea)
Cuba Republic of Guinea-Bissau Venezuela
Democratic Republic of Congo Republic of Guinea Yemen
Egypt Russia Zimbabwe
Iran Serbia
Iraq Somalia




If you would like to learn more about your benefits and how to utilize them better, please review the presentation below:


Should you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate contacting Ms. Romalyn Dasugo, our Medical Insurance Specialist who would be pleased to receive all your inquiries on her email below.