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Medical Insurance Update – January 2021 Webinar Schedule

  • Gulfdrug
  • January 11, 2021
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    We are once again invited to join the upcoming webinars on 19th and 27th of January 2021.


    Attendees of this webinars will:


    -Understand what habits are and how we form them
    -Gain insight into the habit of procrastination and easy-to-implement ways to tackle it
    -Learn practical tips on how to build habits that promote wellbeing
    -This webinar will be hosted on Zoom, you can register to join the call here.


    For more information on this session or the rest of the series please refer to the attached flyers; as always feel free to share onwards with your family members (covered under your policy) and we look forward to seeing you on the call.


    The sessions for January are as follows:


    19th January – Mastering Stress: Avoiding Burnout:


    27th January – Resiliency is the new happiness: Raising Resilient Children: