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Ramadan Kareem

  • Gulfdrug
  • May 08, 2019
  • Ramadan Etiquette


    It is important for all Employees to familiarize themselves with the significance and general etiquette of Ramadan:


    Ramadan, for Muslims is generally a time of:


    • Prayer and spiritual reflection
    • Patience and controlling emotions
    • Refraining from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset


    In view of the above, some etiquette that should be observed during the month include:


    • Do not eat / drink / smoke / chew gum in public during or in front of colleagues / people who may be fasting during daylight hours
    • Do not offer a Muslim food or drink during fasting hours
    • Refrain from playing loud music in the car particularly when the call to prayer (Adhan) is being recited
    • Avoid using any kind of inappropriate language and avoid swearing
    • Dress modestly – cover shoulders, neckline and midriff and ensure shorts or skirts are knee length and below
    • Avoid display of physical affection in public to the opposite gender
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    We recently launch our ‘Go Green Campaign and Competition’ last April in which we announce two competitions.


    1- Knowledge Competition
    2- Competition among departments to reduce the usage of paper


    We are pleased to announce the following two winners for the Knowledge Competitions.


    First Winner:


    Ms. Ferial J. Kh. Abu Hantash
    Medical Equipment Business
    Sales – Critical Care



    Second Winner: 


    Mr. Syed Zain Hasan
    Medical Equipment Business



    The two winners above are the employee who has submitted the first correct answers. Each winner will receive gift vouchers from the company.


    Thank you for everyone who participated in our Go Green Campaign and Competition.




    Last 18th April 2019 our company held a financial wellness program in our office from 12:30PM – 2:30PM which was attended by several Gulf Drug employees.  Mr. Mehboob Mir and Ms.Julie Thomas was the two representatives from First Abu Dhabi Bank who conducted the 2 hour session.


    PHOTO-2019-04-21-14-56-50-6 PHOTO-2019-04-21-14-56-50-4 PHOTO-2019-04-21-14-56-50-7

    The following topics has been discussed throughout the session.


    • What is Financial Planning?
    • Lifetime Spending Historical Records
    • Analyze Your Spending and Create A Budget
    • Control Your Spending To Optimize Your Savings
    • Ideal Financial Planning
    • Tips For Better Financial Health


    Why is Financial Wellness Program Important?


    According to an article by Corporate Wellness Magazine on ‘What is Financial Wellness’.


    “A high level of financial wellness gives employees the ability to make better, more informed decisions and manage a successful long- term strategy. When employees have a comprehensive understanding of their finances, they can create effective strategies for dividing and potentially automating their paychecks between bill, savings, investments and other commitments. Employees will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to develop and support successful financial outcomes. In fact, studies show that people who regularly plan ahead for emergencies and other irregular expenses are 10 times more likely to be considered financially healthy than those who don’t, regardless of income or other demographics.”



    We thank every employee who participated in our Financial Wellness Program.


     You can find the presentation with financial management tips here:




    We are proud to announce to that Gulf  Drug Establishment was presented by Drager Award 2019 as an Outstanding Sales Performance in HCA last April 2019.




    Congratulations to Team Critical Care on your well-deserved success and for another achievement to our company.

    Congratulations on Promotion

  • Gulfdrug
  • May 08, 2019
  • We are pleased to announce the promotion of our colleague Shejil Abdulla to the position of Service Engineer – Business Unit.



    Shejil joined Hospinorm Maintenance Management two years ago as a Service Technician. And this year due to his hard work and dedication, he is promoted to Service Engineer – Business Unit effective 1-April-2019


    Let us all congratulate him on his promotion and wish him continued success at our organization.