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With great pleasure we would like to announce that Multivendor Project in RAK – Sheikh Khalifa Speciality Hospital was awarded to Hospinorm Maintenance Management for 3 years.


Hospinorm team will be maintaining 1681 equipment and manage 23 sub-contractors for the maintenance of specialized equipment in the hospital.


There will be a team allocated to this project, which will consist of project manager, engineers, technicians, coordinators and drivers.


We would like to congratulate Hospinorm team on another successful venture and we hope to publish more successful stories in the future.


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Medical Camp at Supply Chain Department

  • Gulfdrug
  • August 01, 2018
  • In line with Gulf Drug’s campaign in promoting employee’s health & wellness, with the support and collaboration with  International Modern Hospital, HR Department organized a medical camp on 16 July 2018 at Gulf Drug Warehouse – Umm Ramool.


    60 employees participated in this health event, healthcare professionals from International Modern Hospital took random Blood Sugar Count, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index.


    Dr. Deepak an Internal Medicine specialist of IMH provided health advice and a consultation to our colleagues in Supply Chain Department.



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    Mr. Jan Marczak, Senior Service Manager at Hospinorm Maintenance Management retired after 18 years of dedicated service. On this occasion, Hospinorm team gathered together to recognize his professional efforts and effective management for almost two decades.
    His journey deserves praise and admiration, as he is one of the pioneers in this business domain of Gulf Drug: medical equipment service. 18 years ago Hospinorm’s team was less than 10 employees, and today it is a full-fledged clinical technology management services and solutions provider to the healthcare sector in the United Arab of Emirates providing employment opportunities to over 200 qualified professionals. All these years it was under close supervision of Mr. Jan and top management team, which led to prominent success and recognition of their professional efforts in the healthcare industry.
    Hospinorm brand name became known and sought after thanks to dedicated efforts of the team and in particular, to Mr. Jan’s contribution to the development and growth of this organization, strategic insight, technical expertise and management efforts.
    We would like to thank Mr. Jan for his continuous service, tremendous impact on Hospinorm’s development and progress, his technical and industry expertise, effective team management, supportive management style, and simply for being a valuable colleague and mentor to many team members across Gulf Drug and Hospinorm.


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    Alissi Brontë Middle East Offers flat 33% discount to our staff until 31st August.


    Buy Eid Gifts for your loved ones!


    Visit :
    Perfumery & Co., 2nd floor, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE.
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates


    04 320 4919


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    Alissi Brontë hits 5 Star Status!

  • Gulfdrug
  • August 01, 2018
  • August 2018 is a milestone in Eve Beauty’s journey.  After months of meetings, negotiations and demos, our luxury brand, Alissi Brontë, makes its entry into the 5 Star hotel sector.


    Alissi Brontë will now be the exclusive skincare brand used in the Jasmine Spa at Grand Millennium Hotel, Tecom as well as the brand new Grand Millennium Hotel in Business Bay.  The brand beat other contenders that were also vying for this honour.


    On offer will be a wide range of Alissi Bronte treatments for the face and body, pampering clients with the luxurious feel of an authentic, natural and most importantly, effective product.


    For the body we have the following treatments:


    Plan Renove Treatment – a regenerating treatment that leaves the skin looking years younger, fresher and more radiant


    Gold Wrap Treatment – envelopes the body in pure 24k gold particles. Gold has been used for centuries to regenerate skin, fight the effects of aging and to tighten the skin.  Not forgetting of course that beautiful golden glow after this wonderful treatment.


    Effective Cellulite Treatment – tired of those pesky bumps?  Try our treatment which contains marine actives and caffeine to stimulate circulation.


    For the face we offer:


    Deep cleansing – it does exactly that


    Firming Treatment – this mask is the ultimate in vitamin C treatment and firming


    Anti – Acne – our skin friendly treatment uses natural ingredients to reduce sebum production as well as to deep cleanse the skin, thereby stopping acne in its tracks!


    The above are just a few of our wide range of treatments.


    Many of you have tried Alissi Brontë products, now try the Alissi Bronte Treatments at The Grand Millennium Hotel, Tecom.


    Don’t miss any Pulse editions in the coming months, the Eve Beauty team is hard at work to get discount packages for Gulfdrug Staff at upmarket spas and salons.  We also hope to bring more good news of our expansion into the market.