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Congratulations on Promotion

  • Gulfdrug
  • April 14, 2019
  • We would like to congratulate our team members who were recently promoted:

    Koshy   Thomas

    New Title: Senior Project Engineer – Business Unit

    Department: Hospinorm Maintenance Management


    Syed   Osman

    New Title: Supervisor – Collection Finance

    Department: Collection



    Prince Paul

    New Title: Senior Human Resources Specialist

    Department: Human Resources



    Tanveer  Ahmed Minhas

    New Title: Manager – Warehouse

    Department: Supply Chain



    Muhammed Adhil Valiya Peedikail

    New Title: Assistant Store Keeper

    Department: Supply Chain



    Aamir  Khan

    New Title: Driver

    New Department: Supply Chain



    Mehmood     Akhter

    New Title: Driver

    New Department:  Supply Chain


    Health Event Gulf Drug and Hospinorm

  • Gulfdrug
  • April 14, 2019
  • Gulf Drug supports physical well-being of its employees. One of the initiatives was to introduce a series of presentations with participation of dietician and personal trainer.



    Dietician, Mrs. Mayada K. Abu Dayyeh from Al Moosa Day Surgery Center highlighted key nutrition tips for weight loss and lean body, whereas personal trainer Mr. Glenn focused on the exercise part and demonstrated easy exercises to maintain the body shape in a splendid way.



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    Gulf Dialysis Technical Services celebrated World Kidney day 2019 that had been done  in RAK and Fujairah.


    March (13/14) the celebration was in RAK. They started the event in the hospital on 13/3/2019 and next day 14/3/2019 the celebration was in RAK Mall. GDTS did the same event in Fujairah hospital.



    RAK event photos:

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    Fujairah event:

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    We would like to announce that Gulf Drug Pharmacy Automation Unit participated in Duphat exhibition  2019 and has achieved great results:
    1- Pharmacy Automation Unit ranked second between hundred plus for best innovative stand in DUPHAT 2019


    2- Pharmacy Automation Unit conducted 2 successful  conferences :
    lecture 1 : Sterile Compounding Pharmacy Cleanroom ( Mr. Hasim Solmaz General Manager of Lighthouse Solutions)
    Lecture 2: DHA Smart Pharmacy  Journey ( Conducted by Head of Pharamcy in Rashid Hospital Dr. Mohammad Sameh Ali)


    3- Pharmacy Automation Unit introduces for the first time a new marketing tool/idea for GulfDrug by combining interactive technology and 3D modeling to show our current and futuristic portfolio along with our smart typical workflow


    4-  Visit Pharmacy Automation linkedIn page :


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    Alissi Brontë @ PBGCC 2019


    Professional Beauty GCC 2019 was the venue for the official launch of Streax Pro, the second brand under Eve Beauty Trading.  The two day exhibition that brings together all beauty related top companies to showcase their brands, was held on the 17th and 18th of February 2019, at the new venue, Festival Arena in Festival City.


    Streax Pro, a brand under Hygienic Research Institute PL (HRIPL) of India, is ISO 9001:2015 certified and brings to the UAE world-class professional hair care products, under the umbrella of Eve Beauty.


    Streax Pro launched their haircare range which consists of colours, serums, shampoos conditioners and more. The highlight at the expo was the Marigold collection, three colour ranges of Bronze, Copper and Gold, inspired from the Marigold flower in full bloom.  These colours were showcased on the main stage with hairstyles created by international hairstylists Julie Siira from Sweden and Agnes Chen from Streax Pro in India.  These two hair specialists were supported by Hasnain Shaik and Eve Beauty’s Technical Hair consultant Arpan Tamang.  The models created such a buzz during the hair shows which were the best attended amongst all the hair brands showcasing their products.
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    Streax Pro also held a free workshop for hairdressers.  This was also very popular as the hairdressers from all over Dubai got first-hand knowledge on how to create avant garde hairstyles using Streax Pro colours and haircare products.


    The hair show and launch at PBGCC was followed by workshops for two days here at Eve Beauty’s Training Centre on the second floor, free to hairstylists and salon owners.


    Alissi Brontë exhibited for the second year running at PBGCC.  This year saw more visitors to our stand.  Our main product was our Gold Wrap treatment, consisting of gold powder as well as pearl powder.  This treatment involves enveloping the whole body and face in the treatment, superb for re-generating, anti-aging and moisturising, then placing the client in a thermal blanket for20 minutes, before removing the treatment to reveal more youthful, fresher skin.


    As always our Purissimo Hyaluronic Serum was also popular, with purchases on the stand for this and other high quality Alissi Brontë products. Our staff also pampered a few lucky show attendees with express facials, much to their delight.


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    Streax and Alissi Brontë will be active in the market this year, with the aim being to grow both brands into household names by year end.


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    With two brands now under Eve Beauty, there has also been an increase in staff on the second floor making it a more lively office.  There is also a transformation of the physical space, with a training room kitted out for hair care sessions. This surely is the beginning of great things to come!