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Mr. Ahmad Saleh, Sales  Supervisor from Medical Supplies and Instruments Business has participated in the 2nd UAE’s International Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance (ICAMR) 2019 and in   14th International Conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control.
Mr. Ahmed has been invited to present about  Chasing zero: the drive to eliminate surgical site infections.
Gulf Drug is proud of our colleagues who are recognized and respected not only at local, but at an international level as well.


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We would like to congratulate Mr. Ahmad Abu Hijleh for his 30 year Work Anniversary with Gulf Drug.


He serves as a dedication and loyalty example to all employees, and his continuous efforts are highly appreciated by the management.



Gulf Dialysis Technical Services (GDTS) is the renal care services provider for a wide and comprehensive spectrum of solutions in all diverse aspects of renal care such as design, pre-dialysis consultation, vascular access, cardio-protective dialysis treatment, training, operations and management, to name a few. It is a sister company of Gulf Drug.


GDTS team consists of various team members, including management, doctors, nurses.


In February 2019  GDTS  team started choosing the best nurse for each month and appreciate her good job during the month.


The best Nurse during the month of February in RAK Dialysis Unit is sister Terirose C.Soria.
Congratulations Terirose on your achievement!


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Auto Repair Shop Offer for Gulf Drug Staff

  • Gulfdrug
  • February 17, 2019
  • Auto Repair Shop Offer for Gulf Drug Staff:


    Offer for GulfDrug staff includes:

    1. Price list (not including   taxes) – 25% discount
    2. VIP Priority Queue Service for staff
    3. FREE car diagnostics service

    Excluded :

    1. Spare parts price
    2. Any sort of motor liquids (engine oil, brake fluid,antifreeze etc)