A Day In Life


Warehouse Keeper
Supply Chain Department


Mr. Kamran Abbas has been with Gulf Drug for the past 14 years. He is proud to have witnessed Gulf Drug’s progress over the years. He joined Gulf Drug in July, 2004, where he found a great matching opportunity for him. Mr. Kamran has observed solid career growth and a success story with Gulf Drug: having started as an Order Preparation Clerk, he has progressed into a Warehouse Keeper position today after several promotions.


His typical working day consists of managing tasks for preparing daily vaccine orders, proper arrangement of daily on time deliveries schedule of customer orders. He is also involved in inspecting, receiving shipments, preparing GRNs, inspecting returns and preparing credit notes.


Throughout the day he completes various duties: answering calls, inquiries and emails.


Mr. Kamran considers gaining trust of the management through hard work as his biggest accomplishment at Gulf Drug. He remembers the moment when he was selected as one of the best employees of Supply Chain, it was a rewarding moment for him that showed that his dedication and hard work is appreciated.


His biggest challenge at the moment is preparation for a new promotion with more responsibilities.  But with the motivation that Mr. Kamran has, and the continued support and the appreciation of his colleagues and management, it will become another success story.


Mr. Kamran advises to colleagues: “Do not lose hope, if you are selected to be part of Gulf Drug, be willing to learn and your hard work will be paid off.


His work motto has a deep meaning: “Time & Tide never waits for anyone; means value your time in any profession. The tide does not wait for you to be prepared before it flows, and time does not stop while you do what you want to do first. Whether one is ready for it or not, the tide comes in and goes out, and time continues on. So Respect it.”