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 Mr. Ammar Al Bittar has been working with Gulf Drug for the past 10 years. He has achieved career growth and active development of Pharmacy Automation Unit at Medical Equipment Business.


He joined Gulf Drug in 2008, and was referred to Gulf Drug hiring managers in 2007 by one of Gulf Drug employees – Mr. Amjad Mabrouk. It happened as a result of negotiation with one of Gulf Drug colleagues at Zayed Military Hospital where he worked for another company.


Mr. Ammar is managing a team of 3 colleagues, 2 team members are application specialists and another one is a sales engineer. He has been successful in managing Pharmacy Automation unit by setting clear targets and tasks on daily basis, meeting expectations of the customers, which led the team to market leadership among competitors.


Mr. Ammar deserves recognition for his biggest accomplishment while working for Gulf Drug: delivery of the latest technology of smart pharmacies across the UAE. In addition to that, Mr. Ammar and his team delivered and accomplished new smart pharmacies in government and private sectors where they have won all projects launched this year.


Delivery of the latest technology of smart pharmacies across UAE in which Mr. Ammar represents Gulf Drug as the first solution provider choice for all UAE customers who have a thought of implementing smart pharmacies.


This achievement is even more prominent due to the fact that pharmacy automation business unit along with its solutions providers has 97% market share in the UAE in launching smart pharmacies across UAE.


Mr. Ammar is motivated not only with the achievements of his business unit, but also by his team. He is also inspired by the work environment and the leadership guidance and support received from Mr. Labib Othman – Medical Equipment Business Director.


He believes in his team, and that teamwork is key to success: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” In his view, hard work should be accompanied with great reward, and his work motto is “work hard and play hard”.


Thank you Mr. Ammar for another success story that motivates other colleagues across Gulf Drug. We wish you further success in the growth and development of Pharmacy Automation Unit.