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A Day In Life

Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini 

Warehouse Supervisor

Supply Chain 


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini  is featured on our “A Day in Life” page in October 2018. He has spent with Gulf Drug 18 years and his journey is a representation of career success story and dedication.


He joined Gulf Drug Est. in September 1999, when his profile was reviewed by Dr. Samir Al Hossary and Dr. Zeyad Al Moosa. His first role with Gulf Drug was Assistant Store Keeper.


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini’s success story is particularly outstanding: “I want to share my success story, I started as an Assistant Store Keeper, and by working hard I was gradually promoted to my current position as Warehouse Supervisor with the great help and support from head of Supply Chain Mr. Nader, Department Managers, subordinates and sales team.


His typical working day starts with checking the emails and replying to customers. Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini also schedules and checks the deliveries as per received orders from customers and informs concerned sales team on daily basis. He focuses on monitoring inbound and outbound shipments and inspects the return goods and arrangements to ensure the correct actions is taken.


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini is currently involved in the inventory management, tracking inventory levels, checking the orders and deliveries, following-up on consignments and guiding subordinates to take appropriate actions. He says, “this is required to make sure we meet the delivery deadlines and 0% variations on year end inventories”.


When it comes to accomplishments, he highlights: “my biggest accomplishment while working for Gulf Drug was training the warehouse staff to help them be successful at their careers with Gulf Drug, i.e.: good coordination with customers and subordinates, following due LPO’s, and on-time deliveries”.


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini is proud of his work to accomplish ontime deliveries and customer satisfaction, which is recognized by head of Supply Chain Mr. Nader, by Department Managers and sales team.


Working in Supply Chain Department is challenging and engaging, and the biggest challenge for Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini right now is in warehousing operations:  achieve inventory accuracy, meet customer expectations, and manage fluctuations in demand.


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini’s motivation lies within deep involvement in customer relationship: “I am motivated by providing excellent service to every customer with whom I come into contact. I look for opportunities to improve my customer service skills so that each person I interact with will have a positive experience”.


He wisely highlights that “working hard is one thing and producing results is another. I think should be determination and inner peace. Once you are determined to meet your targets and task, hard work flows in automatically”.


Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini’s favorite memory as a Gulf Drug employee was when he received the recognition as the best Coordinator from the Head of Supply Chain Mr. Nader.


He advises to other colleagues:  “Working hard will always take you to success”.


His work mottos is:  “Do not impose any priorities on the situation. Let subordinates develop their own skills in this area. Everything is equally important and needs to be done immediately”.


Thank you  Mr. Srinivas Bheemanathini for your 18 years of service with Gulf Drug.