A Day In Life

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed El Sayed El Said Saleh

Sales Supervisor 



Mr. Ahmed Saleh joined Gulf Drug in December 2008. His profile was reviewed by the Head of Medical Supplies and Instruments Business – Dr. Samir Al Hossary and he successfully passed an interview for the Product Specialist position.


He says that his typical working day starts early: “Especially if I need to travel to other cities as I cover all the UAE, I start by sending something motivational and inspiring to sales team through our unit group in Whatsapp, I then have a quick  look on my plan and schedule to have full pic of the day, if this day I am in Abu Dhabi, I will go to the office first and spend the first hours to check the emails . Then I start selling (most important thing) and the thing that I love by going with one of the sales team, and sometime I need to go to some KOL alone. After field visit I return to the office either in Abu Dhabi or even Dubai office and start calling and checking in with my team”.


Mr. Ahmed considers his biggest accomplishment while working for Gulf Drug as Launching Chloraprep from Cardinal Health (currently BD). His most recent work was related to securing major governmental contracts.


We are proud that Mr. Ahmed has been the best achiever for 4 years in a row; he managed to launch and relaunch some product lines and bring new suppliers to Gulf Drug.


His most favorite success story is creating a market leader products like Chloraprep from scratch and getting special recognition award from Cardinal health. He also relaunched and rebranded BBraun Suture and introduced it in SEHA hospital for the first time.


His biggest challenge right now is to keep selling based on USP and value, quality and service to our customer over cost.


Mr. Ahmed is highly motivated when he is a part of a big project, and when his contribution is recognized as valuable. He is particularly happy about “good work environment at Gulf Drug, support from direct manager Dr. Samir, and the lovely talented team that make every day better”.


He still cherishes the memory when he received the best sales award in January 2010.


Mr. Ahmed has a very wise piece of advice to Gulf Drug colleagues: “If you knock enough doors, eventually someone will say yes”.


His work motto that supports him during his life and professional journey:


“Don’t panic, whatever it is, it’ll pass. This life unstable and with pain you learn”.


Thank you Mr. Ahmed for 10 years with Gulf Drug and for inspiring others to collaborate, appreciate the team and customers and stay loyal to Gulf Drug.