A Day In Life

Mrs. Ram Prasad Rajeswari

Coordinator – Sales Support




Mrs. Ram Prasad Rajeswari joined Gulf Drug on the 7th December 2002 and initially was appointed at Hospinorm, however later on she was transferred to sales department at Medical Equipment Business.


Today Mrs. Rajeswari focuses on working on all queries i.e. tenders, offers, order process with all customers (Government/Private) and holds a position of a Coordinator – Sales Support.


Her typical working day cannot be called “typical” as it is always different. She says: “Every day of mine always starts in an energetic manner, as my work involves challenges and new tasks (I enjoy expecting the unexpected). Yes, as my position is about coordination with our connected departments and the customers as well, but it is always challenging. I prefer to complete my tasks and leave the premises as this makes me go home satisfied! Needless to say the team I work with makes my day-to-day activities more exciting and challenging. I could not believe I have completed 16 years with Gulf Drug, as when I face unexpected challenges I feel like a recent recruit.”


Mrs. Rajeswari considers 16 years anniversary with Gulf Drug as her biggest accomplishment, moreover she was given a special permission to work from India by the Director, which helped her to become completely paperless and save data electronically which was a significant contribution to a more sustainable workplace. Today, she is highly recognized by the management and the entire team, and she would be introduced to every new joiner as one of the longest-serving employees.


She us proud of her dedication and continuous service to the business: “Throughout my career, I do not remember any incidents where I left the work half done or delegated to others and I prefer to handle it completely.  I always take responsibility of my core working areas, activities which resulted in smooth functioning, better communication and achievement of end result without any compromise.”


Mrs. Rajeswari sees the biggest challenge in maintaining excellent customer service and satisfaction, which Medical Equipment Business team has been successful at for a long period of time. She says “it is a challenge to achieve customer satisfaction and retain our position, as well as explore new horizons through our sales team.”


Her main motivation is simple yet this is something that employee engagement basics rely on: “Entering the office premises and specially my desk motivates me to start the work immediately. May be this sounds weird statement but this is the truth”.


She has always been inspired with healthcare industry, therefore she is happy to work for Gulf Drug and contribute to the same.


Her favorite memory refers back to 2010 when she was leaving Dubai to work from India when all the colleagues gave her the farewell, but the Department Director said: “She will be back to us, so what’s the point in farewell?”


Mrs. Rajeswari’s advice to everyone: “Do your work with positivity which leads to a successful outcome and be yourself. Do not hesitate to put your views in front when you are confident.  Always, believe in growing with the company”. She believes that work should not be delayed and must be done at the highest level, and that employees must be loyal. She says that “such attitude makes us and company fully satisfied with each other”.


Thank you Mrs. Rajeswari for 16 years with Gulf Drug; for inspiring others with your positive, energetic, motivating work attitude.