A Day In Life: The path of Veterinary Healthcare Business Success





Dr. Samy Shazly, who is managing Veterinary Healthcare Business at Gulf Drug, has been working with us for the past 19 years.


It was in the late 1999 when he had been recommended by a colleague to join Medical Supplies Department, but the management had another vision and decided to shift him at the last moment to establish the Veterinary Healthcare Business. Dr. Samy says: “This action, together with the complete support still inspires me to work hard!”


His daily tasks involve handling administrative tasks, which include checking emails, planning for different tasks, and dealing with any urgent matters that may arise. “I plan my day by writing out a 30-minutes breakdown of the top priority tasks to be fulfilled. The plan may include meetings  with the team either in a group setting or in a one-on-one setting”. Apart from that, Dr. Samy fulfills agenda of scheduled appointments/meetings internally and agenda of scheduled Field Visits/Meetings externally.


Dr. Samy is particularly proud of his biggest accomplishment while working with Gulf Drug: establishing the Veterinary Healthcare  Business Unit from the scratch, having a comprehensive product portfolio covering the majority of UAE vet market segments.


Moreover, Dr. Samy accomplished building a diversified portfolio of Animal Health Products for all animal species: Vet Vaccines, Vet Pharmaceuticals, Additives & Supplements, Vet Disinfectants, IV Fluid Therapy, Instruments & Disposables. At the onset of Veterinary Healthcare  Business, it was not an easy task to be achieved, considering full representation of the most important and renowned principals in the UAE market, but Dr. Samy managed to succeed.


He has recently been working on launching a new product line based on the new Era of Organic Farming. It’s a group of secondary plant compounds which act as Antibacterial & Growth promoters aiming to reduce the Antibiotic and chemotherapeutic use in Animal farms.


Dr. Samy and his team have achieved success in their business domain: “Right now, we are classified as one of the most reputable & strategic partners for the important Governmental accounts like ADFCA, MOCCAE, Dubai Municipality, MEYDAN, etc. We’ve succeeded to be among the top five Vet Pharmaceutical/Biological Suppliers. We have been recognized as one of the active and most effective participants/sponsors of  the important events such as VETME, VIV, AL FARES, Equestrian Workshops, etc.” This demonstrates how highly reputed our organization and Veterinary Healthcare Business is in the region.


On the way to success, there are various challenges encountered by business leaders, currently the biggest challenge for Dr. Samy is the measures taken by some Gov Accounts for privatization and budgets reduction, as well as new complicated procedures related to regulatory affairs @ MOCCAE.


Dr. Samy is highly motivated in his work. He uses various tools for self- and employee motivation:


“*Developing action plans and creating new goals.
*Leading a team and helping each member to grow.
*Adding new clients together with providing excellent service to all.
*Working with a clear timeline together with meeting the deadlines.”


Working at Gulf Drug inspires Dr. Samy, and in particular he is inspired by certain factors:


“*Determination and inner peace.
*Believing that what I plan and fulfill will make a difference and change.
*Top Management Support & Job responsibilities.
*Creating new goals & adding new pipelines.”


Until now Dr. Samy highly appreciates the moment when the top management decided to give him the full responsibility, trust and free hand to build up the Veterinary Healthcare Business, he says: “I will never ever forget it!”


His main advice to colleagues is the same advice that he got earlier in 1995 from his manager Dr. Saad Abdel-Haleem: “Your Business Card is Your Real ID!”:


“Business card is more than just Name and contact details.
Business card can represent trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability.
Business card is a road map to opportunities.
GD Business card is an honor.”


Dr. Samy has a prominent work motto which describes his work style: “Actions speak louder than words”.


Thank you, Dr. Samy for 19 years of dedicated service at Gulf Drug.


We wish you further success and growth.


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