A Day In Life

Amable Photo 1

    Ms. Amable Mendoza


Coordinator – Customer Service


Supply Chain (Lab & Consumables)


Ms. Amable Mendoza is featured on our “A Day in Life” page in August 2019 and we would like to thank her for sharing her stories with us.


Fourteen years ago she sent her application hoping to get an opportunity to work with our company and was able to pass her interview with flying colors and on 15th August 2005 she officially became a part of Gulf Drug.


Her typical working day start with checking emails, reviewing documents, monitoring incoming and outgoing invoices. Solving and assisting issues or problems in deliveries, invoices and  important documents intended for Private and Government Hospitals are one of her many responsibilities in Lab & Consumables Department.


When it comes to her accomplishments she highlights: “My greatest accomplishment while working here at Gulf Drug is to learn how to face bravely all the challenges in daily work.   Build great working habits and to stay focused on my goals and to help others to succeed.  I’m proud of this accomplishment and I feel that what I learned is going to give me a big advantage in my career now”.


Ms. Amable proudest achievement was being able to pursue high quality of work that provides positive impact, saying this helps a person exercise leadership, authority and making happier and healthier career.


Her constant inspirations while working are her entire family, friends and colleagues. They motivate her to work hard and give her best and follow certain career goals.


Ms. Amable success story is particularly inspiring and motivating: “For Almost 14 years working here at Gulf Drug I encountered trials, obstacles and struggles in my work field.  There is a time that I wanted to leave and try to explore in other field and tempted to accept a high paying job “Usual Day Dream about a New Career” totally I want to give up my career because of the tensions and pressures in my daily work.  Through it all “Here I am, still in my second Family –GULF DRUG”  to know  that I am not alone  realizes my dreams,  new Ideas with unshakable positive energy.  Here in Gulf Drug I found the strength to move on, even though it will not be easy, still we can use our experiences to protect and advise others with epitome of strength.  YES! Labs & Consumables Department I am part of this Team.  We experienced the worst scenario when some of the staff left us, we really don’t know if we can stand again as a team.  Believe it or not that scenario delivered us to success; we started again to build a greater and brighter day at Labs & Consumables Solid Team.  Deadlines meet on time and all are trying to do their very best to prove to all that We Are One Team in Unity and Success.”


She shared her advice to other colleagues:  “Focus on Work, Yes! Even sometimes we make mistakes, but try to give meaningful, productive and always have a positive behavior”.


Her work motto is: “Aim High… Reach for the Stars and Dream Big Ever”


Thank you Ms. Amable Mendoza for your 14 years of service with Gulf Drug.