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A Day In Life


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Warehouse In-charge


Supply Chain


Mr. Richard Amaba Pagarigan is featured on our “A Day in Life” page in August 2021. He has shared his story and experience for the past 13 years he spent working with Gulf Drug.


It was in November 2007 when he officially joined Supply Chain after being recommended by one of the employee who is also working in Gulf Drug.


His typical working day usually starts by checking his emails for any urgent request delivery. Issuing sales order for the LPO received from department coordinators, giving the invoices to the team for preparation and cross checking the items to avoid any discrepancies and also preparing the GRN’s for any received shipments and forwarding it to accounts for costing then delivering it to inventory.


He is recently working in managing and securing the deliveries of Ultra low controlled medicine to customers on time and without any deviation.


Mr. Richard shared that the biggest challenge he is facing right now is the travel restriction in the Philippines that prevents him from going home to see his family.


His proudest achievement happened at the beginning of COVID-19, despite the ongoing lockdown they were still able to manage the deliveries on time even if there were a lot of documents and permits required by the government authorities.


His motivation comes from the appreciation and continuous support of his colleagues and the Head of Supply Chain Mr. Nader El-Hussein.


When asked about his most interesting story, Mr. Richard shared ‘’The interesting story I am proud to share while working in Gulf Drug was when I got promoted as Warehouse In-charge for Pharma Government and Veterinary division last 2011’’.


One of his favorite memories throughout his 13 years of working in Gulf Drug is the events hosted by the company where all employees meet together, he hopes that once pandemic is over we will be able to see each other again.


He highlights that his inspiration comes from his family and his job that enables him to financially support them.


Mr. Richard’s advice to his colleagues. ‘’Be happy and stay focus on your dreams’’.


His work motto is ‘’ Dream big, aim high. I hope someday, I will pursue my college degree and become an accountant’’.


Thank you Mr. Richard Amaba Pagarigan for your 13 years of outstanding service and dedication.



We wish you further success in the growth and development in Gulf Drug.