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Mr. Budati Varadananda joined Gulf Drug last May 2008. He was recommended directly to Mr. Jan Marczak by Mr. Avito das Remedio the previous manager in Alrazi Pharmacy when they completed the contract in Tawam Hospital.


He describes his typical working day as “Each day is special and some days start with different challenges of breakdown calls to complete expeditious. The day continues with priority scheduled critical care equipment corrective and planned preventive maintenance, discussing potential pending issues with colleagues and manager, and logging each activity in the Maximo asset management system. I always try to keep a day with optimistic to make life better.”


At present he is working as a Senior Service Engineer in Critical Care for Abu Dhabi/Al Dharfah region and is reporting directly to Mr. Mouhammad Saeed Malakani.


Mr. Budati’s biggest accomplishment while working with Gulf Drug was when he was selected by Mr. Yaser and Mr. Jan Marczak as a Critical Care Engineer in covering the complete Al Dhafrah (Al Gharbia) region itself. Another achievement he shared was the successful projects completion of Ruwais Hospital, Gayathi Community Hospital and Sila Hospital by installing Critical Care equipment on time and supported in installing other Gulf Drug equipment in the region. He also played a key role for the team to win the Al Dhafrah region Maintenance Service Projects. Mr. Budati is very proud for all of this accomplishment and is very thankful to Mr. Yaser for having faith in him.


When it comes to achievements, he highlights: “I have a great advantage as resident engineer for Al Dhafrah region by working independently from project and reporting directly to DSO office. I’m proud that Eng.Thaer Salah, Head of the Biomedical, SEHA Al Dhafrah region and all the engineers from this region considers me as potential group member and involves me directly in critical care equipment issues and discussions.”


Throughout his entire career with Gulf Drug, he shared his success stories to us: “In 18 years of work experience especially the 11 years with Gulf Drug it taught me many lessons since 18th May 2008. My first journey started as an Engineer for Al Baraha Hospital maintenance project, by then we were only five people in the team and I was the youngest member. After the completion of project in 2009 it was shifted to Gulf Drug Rashidiya Workshop in the Team of Mr.Yaser. In the same year due to expansion of service Department several groups were made and I was added to Clinical Workplace Solution in Hospinorm. By 2011 I got a great chance to move the Critical Care group and to cover Al Dhafrah region for Drager products. It was really difficult task initially travelling daily from Dubai to Al Dhafrah region including Delma Island   which is 600-1000 kms in return, still I remember the days I use to start by early morning 4:00 am to catch a ferry in Jabel dhanna during Delma Island visit, use to keep months busy with many Drager Trainings. Finally by 2012 I was shifted to Madinat Zayad as a Resident Engineer a journey continuing till now. I always feel success is a journey and to have enduring experiences in all phases of my journey.”


He shares his motivations and inspiration at work, “I am motivated  by the fact ,that  I am working on Critical Care Equipment especially Ventilators and Anesthesia machines  which are lifesaving medical Equipment, where I ensure  to maintain  all equipment function with manufacturer quality and safety standards at all times for making patients life better. That’s why we are here in health care industry.”


“I absolutely love working as a part of a Gulf Drug company, pioneer and leader in the UAE Healthcare Medical Equipment supplying industry. Lead by finest managers and visionary directors and where I am receiving continuous skill development product trainings.”


His advises to other colleagues: “Be loyal, be dedicated, share knowledge, follow the company guidelines, maintain good relations with customers and become a great asset of Gulf Drug.”


His work motto that supports him during his life and professional journey:


“Be loyal and work with dedication, because loyalty gives satisfaction and dedication gives productivity”


Lastly, Mr. Budati shares a very important memory he had with Gulf Drug.


“After 10 years of my Gulf Drug journey and the life it has given me professionally and personally, I was impressed and thought of giving some valuable thing back to the company.  I decided to become a life time advertiser of Gulf Drug by tattooing our company’s logo on my hand and done it last August 2018. It is a permanent tattoo, touches my each drop of blood every hour and reminds me as I am loyal asset of Gulfd Drug. Every time I shook hand advertises Gulf Drug without opening a lips and I will continue to do till I breathe.”



Thank you Mr. Budati Varadananda for your 11 years of outstanding service and dedication.


We wish you further success in the growth and development in Gulf Drug.