A Day In Life

Binoy Poomalil - Photo

Mr. Binoy Poomalil


Service Supervisor – Business Unit


Hospinorm Maintenance Management


In this month issue of our ‘A Day in Life’ we would like to thank Mr. Binoy Poomalil for sharing his fourteen years working journey with us.


Before his employment with Gulf Drug he was still in Muscat, Oman when he submitted an application for a job opening in Hospinorm in which he received a response for an interview call. He recalled that his job interview was conducted by the Project Supervisor and Service Manager, due to his skills and experiences he was hired for the position of Service Engineer in February 2005.


Throughout his fourteen working years with the company we asked him to share his biggest accomplishment in the company. “In 2015 I have been given the charge of Infrastructure Systems – a new Business Unit in Hospinorm.  We were able to overcome the infancy stage within an year and now IS is an independent and self-sufficient Business unit which keeps its stable growth” Mr. Binoy said.


As a Service Supervisor in Infrastructure Systems unit in Hospinorm, Mr. Binoy typical working day consist of attending phone calls and emails to his and other team of Engineers and Technician. He stated that it is important to monitor the work flow of current activities of Business Unit and thanks the Maximo software for being a huge assistance to his job. Currently Mr. Binoy is working on developing a service contracts segment that will help the company in identifying potential customers and reach unexplored areas.


“The most motivating factor is that throughout my career, the management never hesitated in recognizing my efforts and achievements” Mr. Binoy answered regarding what motivates him to work with Gulf Drug.


He shared that receiving a positive response from a customer or beneficiary in every service they provided constantly inspires him in doing his job. He said “Being in Service sector, we are interacting with the customers of Gulf Drug in daily basis. So up to an extend we are acting as brand ambassadors of Gulf Drug too. It’s inspiring that the admiration we gain will add value to company’s reputation.”


As one of the longest employee in our company Mr. Binoy learned lot things from the people he worked with for the last 14 years. Thus, his advice to his colleague is “Leave your ego locked up at home when you go to work. Be cool and be patient. Listen to your colleagues, Listen to you customers. Own your mistakes, take help, never hesitate to appreciate”.


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” is his motto in working with the company. Lastly, Mr. Binoy credited that joining the right team, being with the right team and keeping the right team with him allow him to achieve so much in his career.


Thank you Mr. Binoy  for your 14  years of service, We wish you further success in the growth and development in Gulf Drug.