A Day In Life

Faizal - Copy




Assistant Coordinator – Business Support


Medical Supplies and Instruments Business



Mr. Faizal Puthoor is featured in our “A Day in Life”. He has been working with the company for the last 16 years since he joined last April 2003.


He can still remember when Dr. Syed Emam interviewed him for the position of warehouse helper and was welcome to join the company.


After he joined the company as a helper at our Abu Dhabi warehouse, Dr. Syed Emam took him as an admin assistant and later on Dr. Samir Al Hossary, Director of MSI Department selected him to be a part of his team of coordinators. He credited Mr. Rayid Moidu, a senior coordinator in MSI Department for training and teaching him all the knowledge he needs to be an effective coordinator.


From there he started his career in Gulf Drug then later on became a Coordinator due to his hard-work and great service to the company.


“Now I feel proud to be one of the strong and successful pillars of this coordinating team and in my story of course everyone at Gulf Drug helped me to grow but these are the people I have to say my immense thanks to.” Mr. Faizal stated.


He usually start his day by taking a quick look in daily task and then prioritizing each job depending on their importance to make sure everything is on schedule. As a coordinator he generally dealt with supplier orders, email inquiries, supplier negotiations, sales team coordination, stock analysis, government and private tenders.


When it comes to accomplishments, he indicated that wining the best performance award in three consecutive years (2012 – 2014) is something he is very proud of.


Mr. Faizal said that having a strong belief that you have a good team to support you in the company is what inspires him to work every day in the company. Also a good team of colleagues, timely guidance, proper training, family atmosphere and well understanding superiors are some of the motivating factors for the employee.


When asked if his facing any challenges from work right now he answered, “I can see only work no challenges, if you love what you do you won’t feel it as a challenge right and I love what I do”.


He recalled his favorite memory in Gulf Drug when he had his first presentation at Gulf Drug Annual coordinators, “I love to think of, it’s a favorite memory because I did no presentation to a group of people before and that brought me some stage fear. But after the presentation they all appreciated me and I still keep it as my favorite memory” he said.


His advised for his colleagues: “Work sincerely; put your maximum effort for the success of Gulf Drug and rest will be given by god himself.”


“Be more successful” is his motto in working with the company.


Thank you Mr. Faizal for your 16 years of service, We wish you further success in the growth and development in Gulf Drug.