A Day In Life

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Fukkar Chitrampalli Mohamed Kutty




Supply Chain


We would like to thank Mr. Fukkar Chitrampalli Mohamed Kutty for agreeing to be featured in our ‘A Day in Life’ for June 2021.


It was in 2007 when the Head of Supply Chain Mr. Nader El Hussein officially hired him as a store accountant for Dubai warehouse.


His typical working day usually starts by the GRN costing of all Gulf Drug business units, cash sales follow up, reconciliation, collection, passing necessary entries in the system and depositing in the bank. He also handles three 3 departments’ petty cash (Gulf Drug Clearing and Forwarding, Warehouse and Facility). He is handling accounts of Supplier like DHL and Fed- ex, verifying and booking the invoices for all clearing and forwarding related suppliers. Collecting and passing the entries of all cheque on delivery customers, verifying and passing the entries of E-dirham card transactions and matching with the prepayments .Preparing debit memo to principal companies related to clearing expenses, destruction expenses and advertising charges.


The biggest challenge he faced was working during the pandemic time but with the support of the Head of Supply Chain, Mr. Nader and Gulf Drug Management they surpassed the challenge together.


One of the achievements he is proud of is managing warehouse accounts department very well by completing his entire task accurately on time without any delay and failed.


His biggest accomplishment was when he became the Accounts In-charge of Supply Chain; having successfully completed his everyday task on a timely manner without fail.



When it comes to his motivation and inspiration while working he shared “ My family is my number one motivator and with the trust and support I received from the people around me, the words of encouragement I hear from them throughout my career the makes me more motivated to do better at work and to be better person while my inspiration my supportive colleagues from Supply Chain and other department (Finance and other Gulf Drug Business Units) top management and the continuous improvement inspired me to do my best at work’’.


His favorite memories in Gulf Drug is attending company and staff event where he was able to meet all the employees in different departments of the company.


His advice to other colleagues: “Work Hard especially to those who just started, work honestly and sincerely that success will eventually come to you’’.


His work motto is: “Dream big, Work Hard, Stay Focus and surround yourself with good people’’.


Thank you Mr. Fukkar Chitrampalli Mohamed Kutty for your 14 years of service, we wish you further success in the growth and development in Gulf Drug.