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When HR gets system alert about contract expiry a few months before expiry, the renewal form will be sent to the employee + HOD / line manager from HR Department. Once it is signed and confirmed by both parties, HR and PR will take the relevant action.
Moreover, we will be issuing the updated company employment contract for those who opt for renewal.


Training Policy Update

In-house courses became free and outside training bond.


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HRA Requests


Please note that employees eligible for HRA (House Rent Allowance) must submit the following documents during their online application on Oracle HCM:
-scan copy of the attached agreement signed by them
-scanned copy of the tenancy contract under their name. If the tenancy contract is not under employee name, employee must submit an NOC from the tenant confirming that employee is staying there and the tenant has no objection
Please note that this is mandatory and such requests will not be processed without the documents above.
Thank you for your cooperation.



Please ensure that you are aware of leave policies described below.
Employees may be eligible for the following types of leave:
  • Annual Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Hajj Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Unpaid Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Compensatory Leave
  • Parental Leave
Application for leave is through HR System – Absence request icon (check end of this guide for system steps)
Employees cannot be terminated or served with termination notice whilst on any kind of authorized leave


Public Holidays
Employees are entitled to official / public holidays with full pay as announced by the Ministry of Labor for the private sector

Leave types and Procedure


Annual Leave
  • Employees are entitled to 30 calendar days of annual leave per annum
  • The annual leave calendar runs from January to December
  • Accrued annual leave can be availed after the successful completion of the probation period
  • Public Holidays that fall within the approved annual leave period will NOT be credited back to the Employee’s balance.
  • It is mandatory for all Employees to avail a minimum of 15 days annual leave per year
  • All other accrued leave can be enchased on a quarterly basis on upon request and subject to approval.
  • Employees who do not avail their annual leave during the calendar will not be permitted to carry forward to the next year and will lose their entitlement
  • To facilitate the preparation of the annual leave schedule, all Employees are required to submit their planned leave requests at the late end of the current year or maximum by the beginning of the year
  • Immediate Managers will approve annual leave requests based on operational requirements
  • The Employee is not entitled to paid annual leave during the probationary period
GulfMed – Business Development
Medical Equipment and its sister companies (Steri Arabia, GDTS, Surgical Robotics, Hospinorm GmbH)
Annual Leave Balance for above companies:
  • All Employees are encouraged to avail their full annual leave on an annual basis
  •  It is mandatory for all Employees to avail 30 calendar days annual leave per year as per annual leave plan


Sick Leave
  • On satisfactory completion of the probationary period, Employees are eligible for sick leave not exceeding ninety (90) consecutive or non-consecutive days in respect of each year of service
  • Eligibility of sick leave with and without pay as follows
15 days full pay
30 days half pay
45 days without pay
  • Employees who are unable to attend work due to illness are required to contact their Immediate Manager at the earliest opportunity and report their sickness.
  • Sickness absence will need to be supported by a sick leave certificate issued through the UAE Ministry of Health system or DHA/HAAD/SEHA by all employees within two days of returning to work
  • Employees earning less than AED 2000, their sick leave certificate cost may be reimbursed at current sick leave certificate rate after Head of Department approval


Haj Leave
  • Each worker shall be entitled, once in the course of their entire service, to special leave without pay for performing pilgrimage; such leave shall not be deducted from other periods of leave due to them and shall not exceed 30 days.
  • Hajj leave requests must be approved by the Immediate Manager and Dept. Manager and must be supported by a letter from a reliable travel agency or Group (Hamla) and a copy of the passport stamped with the Hajj visa.


Maternity Leave
  • Married female Employees are entitled to maternity leave with full pay for a period of forty five (45) calendar days, including both pre and post-natal periods, provided that she has completed one (1) year of continuous service with the Company.
  • A female Employee who has not completed one (1) year of continuous service will be entitled to maternity leave with half pay
  • With the approval of the Immediate Manager and Dept. Manager, an Employee may combine her maternity leave with any outstanding balance of annual leave
  • For a period of up to eighteen (18) months from the date of her delivery , a female Employee may take two (2) nursing breaks of thirty (30) minutes each on a daily basis at a time mutually agreed with their Immediate Manager
  • These two (2) additional breaks will be considered as part of the working hours and will not result in any reduction in salary and can be combined upon approval from the Immediate Manger


Unpaid Leave
  • Unpaid leave applies to Employees who have exhausted their annual leave entitlement
  • All unpaid leave should be taken in exceptional circumstances and subject to the approvals of Immediate Manager and Dept. Manager


Compassionate  Leave
  • In the event of the death of employee’s first degree relative, the employee is to be granted compassionate leave upon application being made to, and approved by the line manager without loss for a period of up to (3) three days
  • Wherein first degree relative refers to: employee’s father, mother, husband, wife or children.


  • Compensatory Leave
  • Applies to employees who earned it as part of unpaid overtime, should be supported with HRF103/GD Overtime Compensatory Leave Form


  • Parental Leave
  • Male and female employees are allowed to apply for parental leave of 5 (five) working days from the date of birth of the child until it turns 6 months, valid birth and marriage certificates are required to apply for this leave


Our leave policy requires you to consume minimum 15 days of annual leave (for non ME departments) , (as if it is not consumed, the excess unused leave balance entitlement will be lost).


We also remind you about important leave information below:
  • Kindly ensure that any employee who applies for annual leave (excluding sick leave) does this 2 WEEKS BEFORE the first day of scheduled leave.
  • Apart from that, different leave types cannot be merged in one online annual leave application. For example: you would like to avail 30 days annual leave + 25 days of maternity leave (and merge them together), you still must submit 2 separate online leave applications with specific dates for ANNUAL and MATERNITY leave. The same applies to all similar scenarios of combining 2-3 types of leave together.
  • Timely submit rejoining confirmation – rejoining confirmation must be submitted online IMMEDIATELY after returning from leave, otherwise there may be a delay in salary processing for the same month.
  • If you have unused leave balance, this will be encashed in December along with December salary (max 15 days), provided that all rejoining confirmation for all leaves in that year was submitted on the system