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In-house courses became free and outside training bond.


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HRA Requests


Please note that employees eligible for HRA (House Rent Allowance) must submit the scan copy of the HRA agreement signed by them during their online application on Oracle HCM.



Please note that this is mandatory and such requests will not be processed without the signed HRA agreement, this will be applied starting from 11-Feb-2019.



Please ensure that you are aware of leave policies described below.
1. Kindly ensure that any employee who applies for annual leave (excluding sick leave) does this 2 WEEKS BEFORE the first day of scheduled leave.


2. Apart from that, different leave types cannot be merged in one online annual leave application. For example: you would like to avail 30 days annual leave + 25 days of maternity leave (and merge them together), you still must submit 2 separate online leave applications with specific dates for ANNUAL and MATERNITY leave. The same applies to all similar scenarios of combining 2-3 types of leave together.


3. Timely submit rejoining confirmation – rejoining confirmation must be submitted online IMMEDIATELY after returning from leave, otherwise there may be a delay in salary processing for the same month.


4. Make sure that you consume minimum 15 days annual leave per year, as if it is not consumed, the excess unused leave balance entitlement will be lost


We highly appreciate your support on HR system use and timely HR applications. Kindly communicate the same to your respective teams.
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