IMS Awareness

Gulf Drug QHSE Team considers communication as one of the important factors in the successful implementation of Gulf Drug Integrated Management System.


Below is a presentation on the Introduction to Gulf Drug Integrated Management System.



And also on this page, you will be able to see presentations related to various topics within the Integrated Management System.


IMS Policy

- Gulf Drug IMS Policy


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2022 QHSE Objectives and Targets

2022 QHSE Objectives & Targets



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SWOT Analysis (Internal & External Issues)



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Consolidated Risks & Opportunities Register

CBP-D-002 Consolidated Risks & Opportunities Management Register (1)_00001



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Health & Safety Hazards & Risk Register

CBP-D-003a Health & Safety Hazards & Risks Register - Office (6)_00001 (1)



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CBP-D-003b Health & Safety Hazards & Risks Register - Warehouse_00001


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CBP-D-003c Health & Safety Hazards & Risks Register - Service_00001



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Environmental Aspects & Impacts Register

CBP-D-004 Environmental Aspects & Impacts Register_00001 (1)

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Legislation Review

CBP-D-001 Legislation Review_00001

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