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Latest Company Updates

International Engineering Day

  • Gulfdrug
  • September 22, 2022

    International Engineering Day


    It was our pleasure to celebrate the International Engineer’s Day with the Emirates Health Service Team.
    To all the Engineers, thank you for all your support and we wish you a continuous success.

    Product Training – WelchAllyn Devices

  • Gulfdrug
  • September 22, 2022
  • Product Training

    Snippets from WelchAllyn product training at SKMC Hospital Abu Dhabi.

    Product Roadshow – WelchAllyn Devices

  • Gulfdrug
  • September 22, 2022
  • Product - Road Show

    We had a successful product roadshow on WelchAllyn devices at Al Rahba Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

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    Dental Services

    For more information please call 043452999 for bookings and schedule.

    adnin - nas

    Our group medical insurance plan has renewed with Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company (ADNIC) and NAS TPA ,all members will be renewed under a comprehensive medical policy on 1st of November 2021 for the further period of 12 months with the same benefits.


    Emirates ID will be your medical insurance card and coverage will be linked in the next few days the same as last year.


    You can also view your virtual card copy on the NAS mobile App


    We kindly request you to register on my nas app and advice the same to your dependent (except the minor below 18 of age).


    Outpatient treatment : In case the member wants to avail outpatient treatment, the member can avail the same within the network. The network list can be reviewed on the app. If you choose to go out of the network then your claim will be processed on reimbursement basis. Please find below the reimbursement claims process along with the checklist below.


    Medical Claims reimbursements submissions


    Medical claims need to be submitted in soft copies on your member portal : Log on to their website and use your current credentials or Sign up with new credentials


    Claim settlement happens within 15 working days via bank settlement & as per the terms & conditions of the policy.


    Claims submission timeline is 90 days within and outside UAE for the eligible members.





    Inpatient treatment : In case the member is in need of any inpatient treatment, ADNIC can arrange for a direct billing at the hospitals within the network. Should you require additional support on the approvals. Please feel free to get in touch with


    An important benefit introduced this year is the teleconsultation service that is provided by Tru Doc. This service connects you with highly qualified doctors via a video call and means that you do not need to leave your house to avail of the service + it comes to you free of any costs or co-payments.


    Teleconsultations are perfect for minor conditions like;
    -Coughs & colds
    -Sore throat
    -Sinus conditions
    -Eye Infections
    -Chronic condition refills of medication
    & many more



    “At Gulf Drug we keep our employees at the heart of what we do and whilst we are able to offer you enhanced coverage this year, we also need your help and assistance. We want all our employees to be vigilant while using the policy to ensure we make these benefits available in years to come. We all have a role to play in maintaining the health of both ourselves and our insurance programme and we count on your support in this regard. Below are a few points we would like you to be aware of and consider whilst using this insurance policy”:



    Attachments :
    Nas Mobile Application
    Mental Health Services @ TruDoc 24×7[5]
    Member portal – User Guide v2.0
    Concierge Services_TruDoc