A Day In Life



         Adnan Adil


          Coordinator – Procurement 


Medical Equipment Business 


Mr. Adnan Adil is featured on our “A Day in Life” page in September 2022. He has shared his story and experience for the past 14 years he spent working with Gulf Drug.


He officially joined in GulfDrug in June 2008 after he passed a series of interviews and computer tests.


His typical working day starts by checking his email and taking appropriate action by the plan. Create a purchase order and follow up with the suppliers.


Mr. Adnan is recently working with some of the Turnkey and Infrastructure projects.


Completing a difficult project and making sure that everything went well and completing the entire task assigned to him is his inspiration.


The ideal working relationship of Mr. Adnan with his colleague and suppliers is his proudest achievement while his biggest accomplishment is the successful completion of the purchasing cycle and timely deliveries for the big projects in Mafraq and Fujairah.


Meeting the deadlines and wanting to finish his entire task is his motivation to work hard for the company’s success.


Like any employee, Mr. Adnan faced some challenges during her career with GulfDrug. He is working very hard so that one day he will also be promoted and excel in the position he had right now.


Mr. Adnan also shared an interesting story while he is working in GulfDrug that during the pandemic they were able to finish the project that assigned to them despite that they are working from home they managed to finish it on the set deadline.


One of his favorite memories throughout his 14 years of working at Gulf Drug was the award that he received from the company as the best employee of his team and it was awarded by Mr.Rashad.


Mr.Adnan advice to his colleagues:’’ Honesty is an important part of communication because it helps develop our trust and also learn to listen.’’


His work motto is: ‘’I am a river and I cut through the rock of this moment to create my course ahead.’’


Once again, we would like to thank Mr. Adnan Adil for being an essential part of our GulfDrug family and for your continued outstanding service and dedication.


We wish you further success in the growth and development in GulfDrug.